See Autism As A Gift

Let’s include the ability to see ‘Autism As A Gift as a transformational process.’ Productively changing the greater populations mindset. Moving this knowledge into a World Wide Movement.

Autism: Seen by people as a disease.  Accepted by many as an invisible illness. What then is there to Autism that may make it a gift?

The answer to Autism As A Gift is simple yet complex as with most things within and on the Autism Spectrum.

Autism is something that affects the neurons functional capacity.  Adding to the uniqueness of being human.  What ever is programmed into this bunch of neurons from and early predetermined time is what is lived.  Unless of course something happens and that response behavior expectation triggered is altered.

Therefore in this site there are countless examples of Autism traits shown to be a Gift.  Whether people accept this statement is up to them and more importantly how far along their journey of exploration into possibilities they are themselves.

Noted that with the good there will be other opinions. Just the same as where there is an in there will be an out.  A left there will be a right. An up to the down.

The difference this site has is that the author was born late in the 1959’s. As far back as her mother can remember there was always what we now know as relatives living on the Autism Spectrum.  The authors mother is in her eighties and is in the middle of these seven generations.

The posts, videos, and all information through the social media has been either directly  lived then reflected upon.  Small percentages have been  researched [ as a  known part of course work].  However predominatly this information is a formulated, progressive ‘life research’ of both the Author and her mother.

The choice is yours to accept, compare and with due diligence research and expand on this knowledge. The information within has been compiled of what works [ or why not], how things have altered with new age and soon Robo-Age living in the past technologies and moving forward into the future.

Come with the team that view and live with the view of ” Autism As A Gift.”


Susan  Lewis

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