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The Recovery and Loss Within Life

The Recovery and Loss Within Life  give us cause to be thankful

I do not know about yo, but the recovery and loss of what it is that I am trying to put out into the ‘net-is-phere’ is such a frustrating time.

For instance making just a simple lead capture page means so much to me.    Especially as this one is about and for ‘Autism As A Gift’.  As I have Autism and have gone through much to get to the point where I now see this as a gift that is what is going to be shared.   Not my view so much.  Although it will start that way.


As the campaign associated gradually reaches people with Autism, anywhere on the spectrum, either their own or people that they are caring for, in some capacity respond to this call more will be shared through the Autism As A Gift site.

Which of course makes the recovery and loss of information factor and even great importance.

Why be thankful for recovery and loss times?

With every up there is a down.  Okay this is a given. There is also the fact that with every moment there is a learning time as well.  This learning time is called an experience.  Add experiences together and gradually there are life experiences built upon.

The same goes for ideas.   Have one idea.  Work with that idea.  Experiment and flounder.  Then add to that idea with wonder.  Now review and evaluate the whole thing.  Note that no matter how horrible things are looking.  That you may think you are going backwards, or around in circles, just do not panic.  Take a moment out in time  and just think… recovery and loss.    What can you recover from the time you have ‘lost’ gaining experience.  Your own personal experience.

That personal experience will replace other peoples stories and even all the book learning you have ever experienced.  Once again these are your experiences.  One idea and many little experiences.  Questions to be asked and things to work out. Probably more of those than you ever thought possible.

Then there is one thing that when all the negative dross has been removed is seen.  That is a golden nugget.  You sweated for it. You have earned the learning. Prize that piece of nugget.

Go back to that ideas outcome

Now you know how to do something with one thing. Practice with it.  Add to it.  For instance, last year when I started using WordPress themes again I started with one like this one.  Something went haywire and I caused a loop.  Asked for help and received it aplenty.  Thing is that somewhere in the Autism Effects I found that I could not work within the theme .  So another was chosen   And yet here I am using this one. And the colours of the subheadings are like Henry Fords colours for the cars.  People cold choose any colour they wanted as long as it was black.  By accident last year I was working with another list on some other platform.  Copied that list and pasted it into this theme.   And the colours came over as well.

Bringing in a spreadsheet…

12 month business strategic plan [ basics]
To attract the traffic that then willing chooses to be lead in through the SFM / DEA sales funnel
12 month plan from to
Key Objectives – component of the process to bring vision to reality


Bringing in a document:

  • Vision Statement.To acknowledge the steps from childlike innocence to the gaining a new awareness subsequently improving your influence, knowledge basis and action rate is an incredible journey is a story that needs to be recorded.


  • Mission: Practical solutions, positive advice, quality products at a sustainable cost that encourages progression, understanding and interactive use of products and services.

Wondering at other things during the recovery and loss of information

Okay, the colours have not transferred over.  But guess what I may import and just not add color.  What I have noticed is at the bottom of this page – where you cannot see – is the script include area and other things that a particular widget on other themes is employed for.  With widgets set for optimum usage of ten in number [ written from memory please check this out for yourself]

Actually, I am wondering about the threads for the original document being tracked. and will that make this site noncompliant?

You see how through recovery and loss  with one idea another was brought forward.

And a certain amount of experimentation has begun with the ideas of.  The joining of ideas together means that conceptual thinking has started.prepareme-rightnow

1)  adding colour, 2)wanting colour, 3) the need to reduce the white spaces on the script, 4) threads, 5) remembering to save the draft copy several times over by now, 6) script inclusion areas just to name a few.  As a practical demonstration to the joining of ideas together this example is not bad. What it means is that getting over the blockage of last years recovery and loss stress time has allowed  conceptual thoughts to have started.

At times within an autistic person’s life integration of new procedures is something of a no-go zone.  Make mistakes 3d tv aLeave the thing you are doing.  Have time out. Go hug a tree, weed the garden, or chop firewood. Clear the mind.

Go back and do something else.  

The OCD part of your mind may yell and scream at you.  Ignore it.  Slowly the junk that hindered the process of recalling thoughts and actions will dissipate.  Then  something will happen.  And that mind blockage to the learning will remove itself. At which time I overload and fall asleep. Pen and paper nearly always with me when waking the steps to take are written down. It’s straight into what was happening before one step at a time explored. And after that has been fully explored [ and hopefully all the steps written down] one exhausted me goes back to bed.

Most autistic people are just so happy they have learned one thing that at this point they run around and give everyone the answers to the process. And are ignored.  Or worst given everyone else’s workload to do.  Now everyone else looks competent and you are left struggling to somehow get to your own work load.  Thus hindering their own progression forward.

That is why the statement of you own the information and the learning that through the recovery and loss process of learning you have just pieced together.

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Susan Lewis