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Autism As A Gift Resources

Your welcome to use the “Autism As A Gift’  resources

When you share your emails in the Autism As A Gift collection point you will be given chances to review parts of the booklets being created.  Resources such as various card selections being created as third-party communication tools.  There will be light quality research questions such as “What did you think of the copy the card “Autism As A Gift”  resource I sent you?

These are the comments types that will be accepted into the comments sections via the Facebook groups, pages, and Google+ Collections.  The  ‘Autism As A Gift’ as well as ‘Living with High Functioning Autism’ or the group ” checking outAutism As A Gift ResourcesLivingWithHighFunctioningAutism ( all one word)].

I hope you make use of these card sets.  So download and use the  “Autism As A Gift”  resource sent to you.

If you did not have a chance yet to download the cards yet because you have not signed in then here is the links>>>> [coming]

I want to be helpful to you, so let me know the #! question you have when it comes to showing the people around you are starting to know  “Autism As A Gift” is a fact of life.

What do you struggle with the most?
Is it :     I want to do more within my life so where do I start?
How do I use what I know I can do?
How do I use these cards?
Whatever it is, I’d love to hear it.   I read every message on the facebook and G+ areas.
Susan will send to you Autism As A Gift Resources

Big Thank You Message

A BIG Thank You message of Acknowledgement for You

Often as a thank you gift people give flowers. Instead, today you receive a BIG thank you Message. Just for being you.

Bout now people may start to feel uncomfortable with this message. There is a likely hood that a self-limiting ‘worthiness’ belief is lingering.  Pulling people away from accepting the fact that they too can accept and be worthy of a simple thank you.  A massively BIG thank you.

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