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mental force reckoned

Notice the mental force reckoned with hard knocks
Experienced people know hard knocks are a definite mental force to be reckoned with. One where many Autistic people chillingly overload and isolate themselves just to avoid the anguish and pain.

Balance between beastly brutality and moralistic virtues the human race has mastered the swings and round-abouts the human species is now! With both cosmopolitan posse or a of ‘humanity’ consisting of vivid dowagers behaving like damsels in distress. Into this menagerie one sets out to ‘out do’ the other.

Within your working space, you may become involved with other people who, at some stage may have been that individual human being who quietly stepped forward and joined in a community. maybe there they were able to start ignoring the tribe like “you belong here” behavior common the world over. Human nature isolates those who did not ‘belong’ centuries ago by way of keeping everyone in line. Seen over and over again this dumbing down of responses towards others not included into the community tended to be accepted. Effectively making that somebody into a ghost like ‘hanger’ on. Left outside the protection of the group.

Like a mother to the safety of her ‘cub’ there was a mental force reckoned with.

Safety for all used to be a safety byline. In today’s online world safety still is a force to be recognized with. The feminine gatherers would actively engage in the protection of the young. From both outward attacks and inward disruption. Children’s behavior was observed. Matched to the older ones who understood and behavior management began. Rights and initiation into the group given when lessons learned and recognition earned.

Still people may not have fitted in. Some people drank coffee. Others tea. But who would drink a cuppa chocolate late in the morning? And out of choice other than me? On the matter of freedom to choose. Near the beginning of Google public view time I chose to keep people informed via the internet.

Together knowledge is now a force to be reckoned with.

The internet is the force to be recogned with. Collectively through the internet reaching into so many people lives the daily living has brought forth a new dimension into personal growth. From one single real realization, an inclusive online group like-minded people the world over are able to connect with others. Share their Autism As A Gift recognitions, stories, influences, and awesomeness. The struggles and satisfactions. To recognize there is growth in all manner of aspects as they move forward.

Susan Lewis from "susanlewismarketing.com and Autismasagift.com , susanisonline.com, acreativehas.com
Susan Lewis

I am glad to have met you and be a part of YOUR incredible life journey.

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