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What Will You Learn

Acknowledging that the pathway to  Autism As A Gift is a state of mind where many have only scratched the surface of.

Start with little steps.

Autism As A Gift is a mental mindset that sometimes takes a lifetime of unique experiences to live through.

With due dilligence, courtsey  and an enquisitive mind come to your own conculusions.

It means ... stopping the mental hiding.  Raising above  what ever, and just doing it.

Taking care of the Autism meltdowns and overload times. Thgen realising how much groeth has gone into the "I AM" moments in time. Catch up with the activites. Share the events and happenings.  Become one within the community that is developing.


Use the places to be

The greater percent of the worlds population are unaware of what, and how, what they do impacts on the Autism Spectium populious.  This miniority population is scattered around the world in every conceivable niche and lifesyle.

Help bring the world into a new [lace of functional peace...

Technolgy today assists in helping to share experiences. What ifs and possible Arr Haar  moments.

Use your Autism As A Gift registration  as the place to be.


How to "Get Out There" and be heard

Share and care with information from trusted sources. But first CONFIRM your subscription. You have already heard the Opt-In voice.  The one that when you place your name and email into the boses it reminds you to go to the email box and click through so you will receive messages,  other information resourses, and broadcasts 

Your are free to opt out.  Not receive anymore messages to further bring awareness of 'Autism As A Gift' into people you know lives.

NOTE: These are people explaining how they see the world. The views are their oen.  Generally they are NOT health professionals.  Please use your own due diliagence.


Why Do You Need My Emails?

Update your information through these sometimes upbeat, widely exploring information with  series of  ip to date emails .

What "These Emails" Will Show You

Threads of thoughts from other people may come together and mean something special , in some 'odd' way.  But to Autistics who may appear to hardly know how to string twoi sentances together take the time to work out what they are saying.  Look for the depth hidden below the surface gloss.  You may be surprised.

That there is beauty in right now. Not all the pieces  are right there.  Sometimes we do not recogonise who we are.

  • The pieces of the Autism As A Gift puzzle may begin to fit together for you and yours.
  • Quit trying to be someone you are not.  Be you're own unique self.  Autistic traits or not.
  • Thank the things that did not work out. Cause they just made room for the things that will.
  • Live in the moment. Be the best version of yourself in what you do.

Share to show up and inspire the week of people.

Autism As A Gift's Top 3 Tips

  1. Love What You Do!

    Interact with people all around the globe.  One of the greatest challengers in life is to stop being someone you are not.  Live in the moment.  Be the best version of you love doing what you believe.

  2. No is not going to be an answer for 'me'.

    You've just know it.  You've already made the decission.

  3. Everyday Notice the beauty that is going on around you right now.

What people are saying...

"Be One Of The Power Within Themselves People"

Know Autism is a Gift.  Directly related to Autism As A gify .  Treat Autism as such. Enjoy the ease of being in Accord.

  • Go Girl Go

    Kathleen Mckay


    From the first time I ever met you, I knew you had something special about you (not including Autism). But to share your own personal experiences, through your own eyes is reallyspecial in that it also helps to open the eyes of others too and helps provide people with a better understanding of Autism.  Thank for that - Cheers!

    Margaret M Wathey

  • If People could see that their 'so called' problems in life / drag me downs are what actually build them up, and use how they came through this as a gift ... and share this with others, then so much better for the world."


    Mark Ford.

  • That' Awesome.  Take every opportunity  that presents it'self.

    Terri-Ann Baxter

  • Susan's Digital Lifestyle has made her unstoppable despite Autism/ The best mentors  and a great community have empowered her  with technical internet skills and passion  to growing her life...

    Would you like to know how?

    Nic Nekeare



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Susan Lewis

With these ideas... Go make neuro-diversification happen


Susan Lewis

Proud to be Autistic. To know share Autism As An Gift.

Exploring every facet of Autism within Susan's life has lead her to create  an information zone  set on helping people move forward into the future. A  zone  where acceptance of Autism As  A Gift is brought to you via message transference .  Right there .  All around through and between everything that is touching the autistic person's life.  To this point and on into the future.


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About Susan Lewis

Susan has lived with Autism for over fifty years. An extended family of over seven generations Susan is the thrid generatiuon from the current one,

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