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Do You Know That

You’re wonderful ! Do you know that?

Do you know that so many people go through their days managing to avoid looking inwards? They may, or may not, be aware some of their very early their own autistic traits may be attempting to get the better of them today. Maybe even hijacking their intentions and  taking them one step closer to an overload yesterday, than the day before.

Sublimely the brain functions in an unaware state of ignorance.  The days just seems to be blue. And tomorrow may be a slightly darker color of blue. More a gray tinge that creeps in unnoticed. Hangs around a little until the person just either does not want to notice it’s there or is now used to the gray and slightly somber day outcome coming to a close. Tomorrow the other shades of gray in another area of life sneak in and ‘set up’ house.

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There is a challenge about to happen

Dyslexia is always a challenge about to happen. Even with the  handy tools and applications online.  Sometimes, when these are not fast enough to start to work things go haywire.

A practical example is this: Facebook has Pages and Groups that you may choose to allocate an individual name for. Choose the name and then you have an email and a “named ” name for that group. Once you push that create button though there is no changing what you are about to do. Instantly there is a name of the group and an associated email.

These actions, together with tagging, make things easier for people to find your group.

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