Meet Buck And His Wildest Life Adventure

Just a little bit over an hour of pure fun, laughter, suspense, friendship and ever loving nature.

Something that on this day there was no intention to watch. Yet so captivating there were smiles galloping abound this place.

A film drawn from life’s experiences

Gidday, it is a sincerer appreciation of the creative genius’s that bucked heads to make this film become a truth.

Best Movie 2020

Best Movie 2020

Posted by The Movies on Thursday, 6 August 2020

Should you , or a family member, ever find themselves over whelmed at what the world outside your personal bubble are demanding of you this type of creativity takes time to raise up.

Here’s what is to be done:

First you look for a group of friend, a community, that raises your thoughts out of the dumps.

Where sometimes one community is not quite right for you, learn and experience. Then with these experiences be ready to tackle the next one.

Where the man with the club initially meant submission was called for … buck had become his own ‘man’. There was someone of his own to fight for. Buck just took matters by the hand, firmly. In one mental mind shift Buck removes the aggressor of the mental power over him.

Now it’s time to focus on a creative step.

Maybe that’s your group project, a painting, acting, digging the flower beds over. Put together modules, training aids, reading , play writing.

The list goes on. Work on one part of that thing. Step by step complete each interlinking section.

Following is just a plain email subscription. On the other side is a a whole different way of thinking.

Add the act you Meet Buck And His Wildest Life Adventure into this – a new focus into life – Your life.

Welcome to Autism As A Gift.

Welcome to Autism As A Gift.

Autism is known the world over as something to fear. ” You’ve got that” and people begin to pity you or use you as something to pick to pieces, tease, ridicule, talk behind you back , snoop into your well being.  Take over your life.

I know this personally as I have lived it for over half a century.  And then it became time to speak out.  How can a population of people even begin to dream of attaining equality if they are sill in grief at having this silent disability?

The very first day I went into a nursing class the lecturer placed on the board the word ‘Dis ease’.  And then proceeded to ask everyone  in the room to read what was written on the board.  Out of the whole class, I read  the words ‘DIS   EASE’.  That was the first time my dyslexia had become handy.  Autistics have a fine attention to detail.  We ‘see’ things that others do not see.  The space between the words letters was just large enough to pick up on.  At that stage, Averill Hastings knew what I had.  The year was in 1983.  I was not officially diagnosed until 2009.

Just Chercking Out Autsim As A Gift from a different perspective.There were times that Averill used to tear her hair out with me.  Why was I not studying to be a Doctor?  Little did we know that during the mindset developmental stage when the theta brainwaves were developing a most impressionable child was receiving input that was very laying the groundwork for “YOU ARE NOT WORTHY” of that.  The little pigeons on my shoulders were whispering reinforcement words over the years. So much so that until 21:30 hrs, October 10th 2016 I actually believed them.

I no longer believe these thoughts.  Liberation has arrived.  Kinda like the 1960’s feminist movement where “Burn the Bra” was the call for at least half the adult population.  Even if it was most just the men!

And there you have it.  My dry sense of humor and attention to detail.  Most times these two things combined gets me into much social trouble.

My question here come from this statement ” Some Woman want to have fun. Plain innocent fun.”  Just because I happen to be Autistic why is there a limitation on the fun word?

What is wrong with having learned to just let the inner child within come out and play?   Why can people take the smile we have to give, and want something else?

Then here is the challenge.  Nero-diversification.  Equality of mind.

Once people get over their ‘dis-ease’ of being around far more people than they know,  or thought they knew to be “normal” get through their shock and horror of allowing a person with an

invisible disability within their space then there may be some rest for them.  Not for the people on the Autism spectrum though as many of us are so aware of the electromagnetic energy rating

it only takes one smile to stop the tars. And a hug to chase away the fears.  Especially with knowing  Autism as a gift
Tears are from FEARS that boil over and spill down the cheeks. Smile and chase them away.

from people in general that the zappy alterations in electromagnetic currency causing vibrations’s and pulse rate currency fluctuations sends us screaming off in pain.  Maybe not running off in the distance but internally where you cannot see.

It’s the picking up that something is wrong.  That we so not fit into your circle.  That you have closed off from allowing us to be just there. So many things we know and cannot fully express it. Would you if suddenly you were faced with a fighter plan coming out of nowhere shooting bullets, or a steam train of pure energy bearing down on you?  Would you be able to voice an opinion if the car screaming around the corner caught you… a deer within its headlights.   These are everyday scenarios we Autistics have to learn how to cope with.

Yet you accept and use many of the inventions we invented daily.  Watch the videos and performances of those of use who are gifted in the musical and stage arts.

Eat the culinary creations from famous chefs and food preparation artistic who feel the vibrations of the food harmonious.

Fly in airlines and go online to learn from people who have made it.

Get off the grass and past the self-limiting grief belief of Autism.  Treat Autism as it should be.  Cause once past the grief you may well find that like me you know that Autism As A Gift exists

Yes, it takes one smile to stop a thousand tears.  Yours or mine?


Susan lewis

Great Smiles Are Often Elusive

In a world of infinite supply, Great Smiles Are Often Elusive. So what are you going to do today that other people have forgotten there is an opportunity for.

Autism As A Gift is a unique concept. People have confused the uniqueness of a gift. Autism As A Gift is a place where information through life stories are shared.

Autism As A Gift matters because there is so much noise out there. People are screaming over each other telling people the confusing medical information. Then, of course, trying to dominate the thoughts, minds, and heart of people into small quantifiable boxes. Very flat and just not with any emotional connections.

Autism As A Gift is powerful as there is that emotional connection where the feelings are raw, transported and right on there. There is an absolute value in the information may already be out there in the world we live in.

The effect and the reality of today’s online message are that the message needs to be absorbed. So just turning up is no longer relative [ maybe this is right] That said, Autism As A Gift is just one place where the feeling towards being ‘on the Autism Spectrum’ has become accepted as normal. For those of us who know, and believe, that the gifts we have created are amplified through the Autism life experience. On a personal note, Susan Lewis feels flattered to be one among so many people on the Autism Spectrum.

As a thank you for being here there are some broad-minded features that are just for you. Much of the information people who have lived through a family-based ‘strain of Autism, [ aka intergenerational] Additionally having lived through deep-Post Traumatic Shock this is practical knowledge.

The true advantage of what we have is the ‘ability’ to smile. Get this ‘right from the get-go’ and benefit from finding the spark. A smile spark.

A sparkle in the eyes of a series of muscles that have picked up a small piece of muscle exercise. A smile needs to be so natural as a goal that it matters.

Powerful stuff. A smile is identified as either cute or dangerous.

Smiles are like a personal property asset.

Seel how different it is when you have seen that radiant blockbuster smile of a child. You may own the supply but have you the demand. People come towards the smiles generated. Therefore, as most people forget to smile they lose the touch.

Autisim : A Little Out Of Control

Some things get a little out of control while others have a lot of love and more faith than ever behind them

Now defined where in the world are these ‘ just people’ going to head our population. Okay in Wikipedia the term of child prodigy with defined as a “person under the age of ten who produces meaningful output in some domain to the level of an adult performer”

Mozart by the age of three was composing. Steven Hawkins so many others have been right there.

Autism Is Here
Meet Some of The Ones Who Are Changing Our World

To support these people what does the world need to provide?

Then at what level does the world need to provide anything? Love to hear comments and opinions.


back to the top:  A Little Out Of Control

mental force reckoned

Notice the mental force reckoned with hard knocks
Experienced people know hard knocks are a definite mental force to be reckoned with. One where many Autistic people chillingly overload and isolate themselves just to avoid the anguish and pain.

Balance between beastly brutality and moralistic virtues the human race has mastered the swings and round-abouts the human species is now! With both cosmopolitan posse or a of ‘humanity’ consisting of vivid dowagers behaving like damsels in distress. Into this menagerie one sets out to ‘out do’ the other.

Within your working space, you may become involved with other people who, at some stage may have been that individual human being who quietly stepped forward and joined in a community. maybe there they were able to start ignoring the tribe like “you belong here” behavior common the world over. Human nature isolates those who did not ‘belong’ centuries ago by way of keeping everyone in line. Seen over and over again this dumbing down of responses towards others not included into the community tended to be accepted. Effectively making that somebody into a ghost like ‘hanger’ on. Left outside the protection of the group.

Like a mother to the safety of her ‘cub’ there was a mental force reckoned with.

Safety for all used to be a safety byline. In today’s online world safety still is a force to be recognized with. The feminine gatherers would actively engage in the protection of the young. From both outward attacks and inward disruption. Children’s behavior was observed. Matched to the older ones who understood and behavior management began. Rights and initiation into the group given when lessons learned and recognition earned.

Still people may not have fitted in. Some people drank coffee. Others tea. But who would drink a cuppa chocolate late in the morning? And out of choice other than me? On the matter of freedom to choose. Near the beginning of Google public view time I chose to keep people informed via the internet.

Together knowledge is now a force to be reckoned with.

The internet is the force to be recogned with. Collectively through the internet reaching into so many people lives the daily living has brought forth a new dimension into personal growth. From one single real realization, an inclusive online group like-minded people the world over are able to connect with others. Share their Autism As A Gift recognitions, stories, influences, and awesomeness. The struggles and satisfactions. To recognize there is growth in all manner of aspects as they move forward.

Susan Lewis from " and ,,
Susan Lewis

I am glad to have met you and be a part of YOUR incredible life journey.

Please add yourself into  Autism As A Gift community. Enjoy the resources sent through to you. Join in the developing discussions of how people view Autism As A Gift.

Another person There

Being Embarrassed With Another Person There

Experiencing wildly out of balance moments with another person there can just be embarrassing. That is if you realize there is another person there at all. Too many times it could feel like being a bug pinned down with that ever-ready metal stake through its tail. Constantly on edge and always prepared for the observers with their magnifying glasses to take your actions and behavior to pieces. People will either want to ignore you or examine you to find out what other tests need to be carried out for normality to occur. Like a spirit broken, wild animal with little, if any will of its own is left to show is hidden rather than show a person whose love of playing freely has been wiped out.

Slowly, given time and repeat experiences, a behavior pattern within certain

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congratulated sometime


Evey person needs to be congratulated sometime. Whether they can handle that or how they may handle the methods of praise depends very much on who they are, where they feel uncomfortable at, what level and that thing the congratulations are for.

You see there are as many positive responses as negative ones. What is normal for one person is not the same for another.

Let’s use an example one of my own.

Every day of my life is seen through an artistic view of life. Simply as I am autistic. I am also female and in my mid-fifties who has been online for fifteen years. Over that time, people I thought were genuine were not. So we will add that to the mix as well.

Although speaking to a few of their ‘nome de plum” has helped me evenly there is a certain restrained set of reactions now in place. Behaviour management therapies are all very well and good. However, people are caught off guard at times, and that off guard phase is what makes us all different. How do you reach when something unexpected is excited stated to you?.

Needless to say, there are things that over the years I have found that both my mind and body are more and more sensitive too. Rather than bore you with the details I will explain this another way.

Someone that I have known for a while stated they were coming to this country to visit. Well the basic ‘on me’ reaction would have been “really. fantastic. What time..” and all a rush for the details. Fine with that right. In the standard would that should have occurred.

However my world then was  rational to me. I froze. My brain went calm. Nothing to be afraid of in that response. However, while my inner child was calmly standing there absorbing this beautiful statement. Totally trusting this person. Where normally she would be diving for over, meanwhile viewing and running through the checklist … there they were waiting at the other end of the Skype call. Time past. There was no disturbance within me.

Other people on the Autism Spectrum may understand what I am ‘reporting’ here. Sensory overload is the ‘bain’ of the Autistics life. Meltdowns or Overload are to be avoided. Strange how though once this calm pivot is realised so much more is just bubbling up and with a careful note that whatever is being done. That other person is not a threat. If they can get you to this point in your life, then they genuinely have breached so many defences that are in a place where they have you in the palm of their hands.

The spontaneously, joy, laughter, just the grace of allowing every single one of the Universal Laws to flow through you is about to happen. You now the uplifting effect that will be there. You know what it is that will occur. They have literally and genuinely stated, done, been and seen you through so much and so many ups, downs and spin around. Went the point of became occurs it leaves the other person flabbergasted. They are unprepared.

The funnel goes here

Well no matter how old you are the thing I have realised is that when you finally find out who you are, eventually find out that both that inner child on one scent of the sea see along with the counterweight the survival part of the brain, when these finally have that pivotal balance the other person who has brought you to this point in your life should be congratulated. How though can you know how to warn them not to expect the typical neurotypical response. if you have before felt it?

Why am I sharing this with you? The reason is this. Behaviour management tools developed and experienced by many. Yes. Even with relaxation processes learned…like Yoga and alternative health practices do not prepare you for that moment. They certainly do not make the other person on the receiving end either.

So I ask you to help your person n the Autism Spectrum to know that as they experience the perfectly natural balance to enjoy the experience. People who are neuro-typical need to feel the power, the energy, appreciate that maybe, just maybe they have not caused distress. In fact, the tightrope has become a perfect balance within the life path. Just to wait and enjoy the peace that if they realise what is happening will surround each person involved and carry them somewhere beautiful.

Whichever you are, a neuro-typical or an Autistic, if you can accept this as happened then there is no stopping you as the world is your oyster.

However if the neuro-typical does not realise the reaction for what it is and is hanging on for the autistic person to have a neuro-typical gush reaction, then there is something not being understood. It is easier maybe when not online. Online sucks as there is no touch involved. One cannot just hold the other person and share the experience of inclusive peace. Of the world being right. Both inside and outside. Every sense, every sound, every movement is not so much dead end. It more a feeling of total calmness. Total awareness. The world and the smallest of particles just shimmers and glows. Lighting up the world within like the Aurora Australis. Or if you’re in the northern hemisphere the Aurora Borealis. So what the other person is actually witnessing is the ethereal show within. An electric performance that likes the external counterparts that people once thought were portents of doom the right balance combination and these become for them a remarkable maybe even a common phenomena. As though the Universal Laws electrons flow between for the energy to be gained that that unlock remove that final door from the hinges. Leaving the door to do what it may while the walls of resistance fall away.

I have felt something very similar to being within the Aurora Australis. In 1991, I had a truck implode on my vehicle. That beautiful place I experienced was light, quiet, whole, still and totally something to ‘die for’. [sorry had to put that in” Maybe a better term is just out of this world or heavenly???

To have had that experience repeat not once, but several times through the same person was something special I will never forget. They simply have always raised me up to more than I thought I could be.The days and weeks that followed everything seem to have light reflecting particles allowing everything to have an awareness of the inner glow. Totally distracting and yes there was a need to observe the inner child and the survival mode having fun together. Nothing got done that was meant to be done. The vibration rate of the smallest particle was looked upon in awe. The physical, emotional and interaction being that was and is me was altered.


Susan Lewis congratulated sometime
Susan Lewis

One thing that altered, and took some getting used to, was the way that I now write. No longer do I need to fit in. To feel the need to write as others do. I am me. That is the gift they have perfectly given me when the world within was calm.

To that person, you have my heartfelt thanks. That is going on the “needs to be congratulated” section in my bucket list

Autism As A Gift Resources

Your welcome to use the “Autism As A Gift’  resources

When you share your emails in the Autism As A Gift collection point you will be given chances to review parts of the booklets being created.  Resources such as various card selections being created as third-party communication tools.  There will be light quality research questions such as “What did you think of the copy the card “Autism As A Gift”  resource I sent you?

These are the comments types that will be accepted into the comments sections via the Facebook groups, pages, and Google+ Collections.  The  ‘Autism As A Gift’ as well as ‘Living with High Functioning Autism’ or the group ” checking outAutism As A Gift ResourcesLivingWithHighFunctioningAutism ( all one word)].

I hope you make use of these card sets.  So download and use the  “Autism As A Gift”  resource sent to you.

If you did not have a chance yet to download the cards yet because you have not signed in then here is the links>>>> [coming]

I want to be helpful to you, so let me know the #! question you have when it comes to showing the people around you are starting to know  “Autism As A Gift” is a fact of life.

What do you struggle with the most?
Is it :     I want to do more within my life so where do I start?
How do I use what I know I can do?
How do I use these cards?
Whatever it is, I’d love to hear it.   I read every message on the facebook and G+ areas.
Susan will send to you Autism As A Gift Resources

Big Thank You Message

A BIG Thank You message of Acknowledgement for You

Often as a thank you gift people give flowers. Instead, today you receive a BIG thank you Message. Just for being you.

Bout now people may start to feel uncomfortable with this message. There is a likely hood that a self-limiting ‘worthiness’ belief is lingering.  Pulling people away from accepting the fact that they too can accept and be worthy of a simple thank you.  A massively BIG thank you.

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